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Arizona Folk Connections

Dedicated to Connecting Artists, Venues, and Audiences

Arizona's music, poetry, and stories are as diverse as its people. 

Some of the most prevalent cultures represented in our state are Native American, Mexican, and Western (which of course includes "cowboy").   But not even these three stand entirely alone.  Each borrows elements from the other two as well as elements from other countries and other regions of the United States. 

This site is intended to promote all artists, not just those from Arizona, who bring the culture of "Arizona and the American West" to the stage.  It also will promote Arizona artists who bring diverse cultures to the stage.

This site is a huge undertaking because there are certainly hundreds and perhaps thousands of Arizona artists who make at least part of their living in the folk arena.  It will always be a "work in progress."  In the initial stages, many important artists will be left off the lists. 

If you are an artist who should be on our list, or if you know an artist who should be on our list, please send us an email. 

We also want to promote venues that promote our artists, so please let us know if you have a venue that presents folk entertainment.  This includes house concerts!

If you (as an artist) or your venue are unknown to us, we will most likely inquire among the folk community, or ask you to provide references, before adding you or your venue to the site. 

Please note also that for music, our preference for acoustic sounds is so strong that we will most likely limit non-acoustic to electric blues. 

The first artist page was Saravá!. Be sure to go to their CD page and listen to clips of their beautiful Brazilian music.    


Arena House Concerts (in Glendale, Arizona) is now launched and the first concert, featuring Tim Weed, will be on Nov 3.

This site is a "work in progress," so visit often to see additions. Changes will be posted in this area.

Artist pages added: (These are artists who already have their own Web sites, so our pages link to their official sites::

Dolan Ellis
wbcamerica.org couple-plan.com jdyhh.com smaptravel.net southpawparker.com kyladowden.com 72k7qz.info india-pulse.com nwhorsestore.com   Travis Edmonson
Tim Wiedenkeller

Artist added: Bud Strom.  Read his interesting bio listen to his great cowboy poetry, check out his press coverage.http://www.internet-flets-campaign.net/

More will be coming soon.